20 March 2011

WishBIG E-camp...

How exciting, today I discovered that I had won a competition to be part of the wish BIG Ecamp.

Can't wait to join and be invovled, they have some great sessions lined up and I think I am going to learn alot over the next two weeks.

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  1. I am a year nine student studying Design and Technology and would like to ask some questions about Rachel Moore's work.If she is reading this or if she can give me some answers to these questions some how that would be fantastic for my reasearch project.

    1. Select two factors affecting design. Analyse how these factors impact on the chosen designer's work.

    2. Identify the methods the designer uses to sell their products. Evaluate the effectiveness of these selling methods.

    3. Evaluate how the designer and their work impact on one of the following: Individual, society, or the environment.

    If I could please be given any information that may be relevantto these questions I would be very gratefull. Thankyou!