07 March 2011


Well, the moment I have been waiting for has arrived, after a trip around the world to get to me, the package was accidentally re-routed via another country delaying arrival substantially, my new kiln is here.

It doesn't look like much, but this little baby has a 6" internal diameter and is designed for Enamelling, Metal Clay and Keum-Boo.

I am also trialling some glass fusing and casting in the coming weeks to create my own cabochons to use in my jewellery making. I am also hoping, with a 6" diameter that I might even be able to try creating some small glass works, like candy bowls and coasters.

Of course, this could be a dangerous activity, if I succeed in creating some great glass I might start craving a full sized glass making kiln. During my trip to Tasmania I was blown away by all the talented glass artists and have a craving to make large scale glass art, bowls and platters, wall art, you name it. Imagine being able to create something like this gorgeous wall art to hang on your walls and the walls of others.

Sigh, so many creative wants yet so little time (and money) to achieve these goals. Maybe next year! My Christmas wish list this year (yes I know its early) includes a full sized kiln, a multitude of glass fusing workshops and BIG value gift vouchers to local glass fusing supply shops. Hahaha, come on Santa!

But in the meantime I plan to have alot of fun with my new enamelling kiln.

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