01 May 2014

Kate Middleton...

Kate Middleton in Australia...

I have always admire Kate Middleton or I suppose I should call her the Duchess of Cambridge, after all it is their 3rd Wedding Anniversary this week, she is a woman who shows nothing but class and sophistication. 

Her wardrobe is just incredible and the recent samples we saw during her visit to Australia were just delightful. But as wonderful as all her outfits were, there was just a little too much blue for me.

But the highlight of the visit in the wardrobe department has to be this gorgeous canary yellow pencil dress by designer Roksanda Ilincic. This was my favourite daytime outfit during her recent visit to Australia and added a little ray of sunshine to our news that week.

I love the fact that the dress is simple, elegant but a little bit different with the slightly offbeat white patches.

Did you have a favourite outfit from the visit?

xxx Rachel

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