02 April 2014

Pretty Peonies that Never Die

I saw this amazing tutorial on Craftberry Bush recently and just had to share, they look great, almost life like and the best part, will never die. Of course I would image they need to be kept away from water, we have all seen what water can do to crepe paper.

I love fresh flowers, but often leave them too long, getting that sad droopy drawers look as they die and many silk flowers look a little fake and those that don't are often expensive. 

This is fun, inexpensive and a great project to do with your children. I did this with my 12 year old daughter last weekend, of course it took us a few trials before ours looked good, and I can't say they are perfect, but the materials are so inexpensive we kept going until we had a lovely little bunch. Now I have an excuse to buy a new vase to put them in.

Head on over to Craftberry Bush's blog get this great DIY tutorial

xxx Rachel

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