08 April 2014

Itsy Bitsy Garden Terrariums

I love glass terrariums, I think there is something very beautiful about a miniature glass garden and most importantly, low maintenance as I most definitely do not have a green thumb and love plants that do not require alot of TLC. 

Unfortunately, all my favourite creative terrarium makers are overseas and customs do not allow for the shipping of live plant materials into Australia from other Countries. Alas!

So, I went looking for a DIY Project to make my own and this is what I found on Instructables, a great little DIY Project site that I will be revisiting on a regular basis for some great inspiration. 


DIY Terrarium

So now I also need to find the supplies listed in the project so I am off to Bunnings this week with my fingers crossed, although I am not sure I hold out hope for such cute little glass globes but maybe I can find something just as lovely.

For those who are not feeling creative, or indeed are lucky to not be restricted by customs I have included some of my favourite ready made terrariums from Etsy below and a link to the stores that sell them.

Happy Mini Gardening!!

xxx Rachel

P.S. Hopefully I can post an update showing my finished Terrarium one day soon.

From Top left Clockwise:



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