03 May 2014

Time for a New Look...

So I think its time for a Change.

When RMD Jewellery Blog started back in 2010 the intention was to use the blog as a place to share my jewellery and my work. Of course, I have been pretty inactive until March this year. I just never seemed to have the time of the inspiration. But this year I promised myself I would find the time, so I did, and lo and behold, I found that I really love blogging. 

Unfortunately, I am no good at the shameless self promotion required for this blog to be about just my jewellery and my business, so instead have been sharing the things I love. 

As a result I think my blog has outgrown the name RMD Jewellery as I really am not all about my jewellery and the name is misleading. So I am introducing a new name and a new look, one that I think suits both what I like to share and a little of my personality...

Why Craft, Art and Mess. Well I love to share all things creative, inspiring and artistic. Mess, this is usually what I make when I am feeling creative and my husband would tell you this is my life, craft, create and mess. 

Over the next week or so I will be posting in both locations, until the new blog is fully functioning and on track, although the posts on this site will be teasers with a link to the new site. Eventually, once I am ready this blog will be redirected to craftartmess.com.au
(yes I splurged and bought a domain, cool huh!). 

So thank you to all my viewers and I hope you join me over at craftartmess.com.au for more DIY, homemade goodies and inspiration. 

xxx Rachel

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