23 April 2014

DIY Gold Leaf Votive Holders...

I saw this project on Facebook last week and thought it would be a great project to try. 

I have heaps of imitation gold leaf which I use when creating test pieces for new designs (I use a genuine 24kt Gold leaf in my finished jewellery) but as I have heaps of the craft version I thought I would have a go at this as adding gold to items a lot of fun and provides a luxury result so thought this little craft project was right up my alley so had a go at making these over the Easter long weekend.

It was a really fun and easy project to do with my daughter, a little bit of mother daughter craft time. 

Although I love the way she has used multiples of these as tiny vases grouped together for flowers, which is just beautiful, I actually prefer them as votive holders, the touch of gold with a candle glowing through it at night is very atmospheric. I now have a little row of 4 filled with red tea lights on my cabinet in the family room flickering away at night keeping me company when I cook dinner.

xxx Rachel

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